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  • How to protect your skin from chlorine damage

    August 09, 2016 1 min read

    Spending a day at the pool during summer is fun and relaxing but soaking for too long in the water can actually harm your skin. The chemicals in the water will take away the natural oils in your skin leaving it dry, itchy, flaky and sensitive. Your hair and nails become brittle and dry. But since most of us won’t stop jumping into the pool we put together a few point to protect your skin from chlorine damage. 1. Before you swim Soak your hair in fresh water and apply an oil-based leave in conditioner. This way your hair won’t absorb as much chlorine water. When it comes to your skin make sure to apply sunscreen 15 minutes prior to swimming. 2. After you swim Once you are out of the water rinse from head to toe with fresh water. Lather up with a mild cleanser to wash off the chlorine. Do not forget to reapply sunscreen to protect and moisturize your skin.

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