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  • Skin Repair: How To Rejuvenate Your Skin After The Summer Season

    September 10, 2020 5 min read

    Beaches, patios, long walks, park visits and everything in between are just a few things we all love about the summer season. Summer may be the most-loved season, but it does do some damage.

    What’s the damage we’re talking about? 

    Well, you’ve probably heard since it’s not a huge secret. It’s all about skin damage.

    The summer season does a lot to our skin health in particular, and not in a good way. Between UV rays being stronger than ever, spending more time outdoors and more, it’s hard to know how to keep your skin healthy and safe. 

    There’s one thing we all know, but may not focus enough on, the fact that our skin needs to recover and repair after the summer. There’s countless reasons for this, and we’ll lay out a few for you here while also sharing what kind of products you should be focusing on when working to repair your skin after the damaging summer season. 

    But first, let’s talk about why your routine needs to be revamped in order to make this happen.


    Why update your routine?

    A great way to think about it is that it’s almost like your wardrobe. Each season brings different weather, leading you to adjust what you wear based on how the environment changes. 

    When it comes to your skin, it’s no different. A change in environment leads to new skin stressors while you need to simultaneously help your largest organ recover. On top of this, your skin also responds to certain types of products to enhance the repair process. 

    It can be a lot to think about, but it’s not as complicated as you may think (we promise). 

    If there’s one thing that doesn’t need to be updated in your routine, it’s sunscreen or skincare products that house SPF30. As the temperature starts to cool down, SPF normally gets put in the corner, but it’s essential to continue using this in your skincare routine since UV rays, though not as strong, are present all year round.

    Now that we’ve dove into a couple reasons why your routine should be revamped, let’s look at some key skin issues that arise from the summer season and how to adjust your routine accordingly. 


    Ah, hyperpigmentation, something that countless of us deal with not just in the summer season, but year-round. 

    During and right after the summer, hyperpigmentation usually appears on people’s skin as sun spots and freckles. Oftentimes, this isn’t what we really want appearing on our skin and it’s almost all due to one of our worst enemies -- UV rays. 

    How can you focus on healing hyperpigmentation after the summer season? Using a product like KAPLAN MD Skincare’s Cell Renewing Microfoliant.

    This product focuses on lightly exfoliating to refine pores and brighten skin to encourage a more healthy and radiant glow. This product helps battle those hyperpigmentation issues like sun spots and freckles by helping to create a more even skin tone.


    Many people associate the winter with dry skin, and though this isn’t wrong, the summer season also sucks moisture out of our skin. So what are the factors that lead to this?

    Again, we have UV rays to thank. 

    Without a good quality SPF product that includes intense hydration, our skin can be left quite irritated and dry. It’s not just UV rays though, chemicals found in pools can deprive our skin of its moisture along with general dehydration (drink your water!), air conditioners and more. 

    So what can you do to battle dryness? Get rid of those dead, dry skin cells! That means, exfoliate and use a good moisturizer. 

    Pairing the Cellular Renewing Microfoliant that we talked about for hyperpigmentation with the Daily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate, is the perfect way to ensure you’re hitting both steps. 

    Adding this to your skin routine will help your skin not only enhance moisture levels, but will also give you that daily sun protection you need. 


    Chapped, flaky lips

    Speaking of sun protection, let’s move onto the area that usually faces the most neglect when it comes to the battle with UV rays, our lips. 

    They’re the most sensitive skin on our face, and when it comes to sun protection they are ignored more often than not. For this reason, our lips are regularly left chapped, dry and flaky during the summer months and beyond. But, there’s a solution that can really help with the repairing process (and it’s not a lip scrub). 

    Using a lip mask and a balm that intensely hydrates while holding SPF30 to protect your lips is key to ensuring your lip health is maintained.

    The KAPLAN MD Skincare Perfect Pout Duo includes both the Lip Mask and Perfect Pout Balm, making it the perfect pair for your lips to battle and repair at the same time. Together, they deeply hydrate and exfoliate gently to ensure no irritation, only healing and repair.

    Elasticity Loss

    You may also find that as the summer season ends, elasticity has depleted a little bit in your skin. No need to panic though, this is totally normal. Why? UV rays (yes, again it’s that) along with our diet changes and our natural aging process. 

    During the summer season, we often change our diets to barbeques, eating out more often on patios and more. This in turn can trigger inflammation, and those connective tissues which are tied to collagen are also affected. On top of that, as we age our collagen levels lower, so we always want to look at natural ways to reinvigorate our skin.  

    Why are we focusing on collagen here? Well, collagen, as many people may know, is a massive factor when it comes to keeping our skin’s elasticity levels intact and firm. To ensure collagen and elasticity levels are restored, the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate may be your newest friend. 


    Let’s face it, we all sweat a lot in the summer and this is a huge reason why many of us experience breakouts during and just after the season. There are more reasons why breakouts occur and it’s also due to being outside more regularly and those environmental stressors that come with it. 

    Your general daily regimen is essential to maintaining your skin’s health, and a perfect addition if you’re experiencing this is adding a powerhouse of a product to your line up. The powerhouse product we’re referring to is the Diamond Contour Supercharged 1-Minute Daily Facial


    This daily facial is a gamechanger and is extremely soft on your skin while exfoliating, smoothing, plumping and rejuvenating the skin all at once. This product helps to supercharge the healing process in a way that won’t irritate the skin further. 

    When it comes to post-summer skin repair for the fall season, it’s essential to focus on these things that your skin needs. At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s very simple. That’s why, if you’re looking for an updated skincare routine to try out while repairing, our Daily Regimen might be the perfect start without being complicated or time-consuming.

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