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  • Dry Skin: The different causes & how to treat it

    June 29, 2021 3 min read


    One of the most common skin issues everyone will face in their lifetime is dry skin. It can be ongoing, it can happen seasonally or it can happen at random points. Either way, everyone tries their best to fight dry, flaky skin. 

     Even though it’s something that’s so common, there’s still a lot of questions people have when it comes to their dry skin. Two of the biggest questions are why it happens, and how it can be treated properly, with lasting results. 

     There’s a lot more to it than you think, and sometimes it’s easy to mistake dry skin with dehydrated skin, so let’s start there…


    How to spot dry skin & it’s causes


    Normally, if you have dry skin it’s genetic and is something that you’ll experience throughout your lifetime. Of course, it can pop up from time to time, get worse and is very dependent on the weather and your environment as well, but if you have dry skin it’s usually something you’ll always have. The good news is, there’s so many ways to treat it! Before we get into that though, let’s talk a bit more about what causes dry skin.

     Lots of people believe that dry skin has a lot to do with water. Though it’s not completely wrong, it’s good for everyone to know that it actually has quite a bit to do with your skin’s oil levels. The easiest way to know if you have dry skin is if you have fewer oil-producing glands on your face. Pair that with environmental stressors and seasonal changes you can suffer from dry skin constantly. Depending on all these factors, your cells will then dry out and start shrinking in size before flaking and cracking. 

     If you love exfoliating your face, you also won’t be doing your skin any favors when it comes to dryness. Doing this twice a week is usually more than enough, and by overdoing it, you could be stripping your skin from those essential oils. 

     Wondering if you have dry skin? Look out for these common signs:

    • Flaking
    • Cracking
    • Itchiness 
    • Skin tightness 


    Treating dry skin


    There’s lots of ways to treat dry skin so that you don’t have to keep itching and see flaky skin on your face and body. 

     First and foremost, make sure you’re using a moisturizer that’s nourishing your skin and is clinically proven. For dry skin, we always recommend using our Diamond Contour Collagen Boosting Hydration Créme since it quenches your skin with the hydration it needs to stay healthy and boosts collagen synthesis to firm and plump skin..

     When it comes to dry skin, you can’t forget about your lips either since they need something different. You’ll always want to have our Perfect Pout Lip Balm  on you so you can hydrate lips throughout the day since the layers of skin on your lips are so much thinner than the rest of your body. To take that extra step with your lip’s health and to fight dry skin, we recommend trying out the Perfect Pout Lip Mask  since it works to exfoliate dry and flaky skin while using hyaluronic acid to plump your lips. 

     If you’re looking for something that will give your morning routine a boost of hydration we recommend giving Dr. Kaplan’s Diamond Contour Supercharged 1 Minute Daily Facial  a try. Not only does this product hydrate dry skin, but it also rejuvenates, plumps and smooths skin texture.

     Another way is through your gut health. Taking probiotics and focusing on keeping your gut healthy has been shown to help with acne and eczema. On top of that, drinking lots of water and making sure you’re staying hydrated will help immensely with your dry skin issues!

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