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  • 5 Of Our Go-To Skincare Ingredients

    October 08, 2020 3 min read


    Sometimes when it comes to skincare all the information out there about ingredients can be overwhelming. Depending on your skin type, there’s certain ingredients you might be looking for more than others, but there’s quite a few that everyone needs in their skincare routine.

    That’s why we’re here to share with you 5 of our many favorites that suit every skin type. 

    You may have heard of a few below, like Alp Rose and Swiss Apple, but there’s a couple here that you may not know about too. 

    Ready to find out? Let’s dive into some ingredients!

    Matrixyl Synthe'6

    Now this is one of the ones you may not have heard of, but it’s a peptide that’s key in when it comes to anti-aging products. What it does is spark incredible cellular rejuvenation by stimulating all 6 levels of collagen synthesis to work and repair tissue.

    What’s that actually mean? It means that this powerful ingredient can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and begin to smooth out skin making it look healthier and younger than ever. 

    Matrixyl Synthe’6 also houses hyaluronic acid which works to improve your skin’s overall moisture levels and elasticity which also contributes to anti-aging efforts and for dry skin.

    At KAPLAN MD Skincare, we have a few products that house these ingredients, two of our customer favourites are the Intensive Eye Concentrate and the Cellular Rejuvenating Concentrate.

    BioFusion - 3S

    Now this is another favorite of ours because of its anti-aging benefits along with how well it can protect your skin against environmental stressors. The exclusive proprietary complex of BioFusion-3S also works to increase your skin’s vitality and regenerate collagen, which is where the anti-aging focus comes in.

    What’s in the BioFusion 3s? Good question. It houses a couple of our other favourite ingredients which are Alp Rose, Gamay Grape and Swiss Apple.

    This favorite ingredient of ours is across a number of our products, but a few of our customer favourites include the Firming Mask and the Purifying Foam Cleanser.

    Let’s jump in and dive into more about those 3 ingredients, shall we?

    Swiss Apple

    Swiss Apple stem cells (also known as Uttweiler Spatlauber orMalus Domestica) aren’t an ingredient you’ll find everywhere, because it’s actually quite rare. 

    These Swiss apples are found in (surprise, surprise) the Alps and actually have the ability to maintain firmness along with original color even though they live in very harsh environmental conditions. For this reason, these stem cells from the Swiss Apple actually work to slow down the aging process. How? It works to repair and protect your skin cells immensely. 

    One of our customer favorites that features the Swiss Apple is our Clarifying Toner.

    Gamay Grape

    The stem cells from the Gamay Grape are an important ingredient in skincare due to its protective nature. These cells work intensely to fight against UV rays, free radicals and other toxins we face day to day. On top of this, it even works to fight against artificial UV sources, like lamps and even our computer screens.

    Considering how often we’re all exposed to both natural and artificial UV sources, it’s imperative to have the best protection possible -- and Gamay Grape stem cells help with that.

    A favorite of ours that houses the Gamay Grape? The Daily Moisture SPF30 Concentrate.

    Alp Rose

    This rose is found, you guessed it, in the Swiss Alps and its leaves are very resistant to UV rays along with other environmental stressors like dryness and cold. 

    Now, when it comes to what it can do for your skin, it works similar to how the Gamay Grape does in that it helps protect your skin cells from the stressors it faces daily. What differentiates it from the others is that it helps to recover skin when it’s dry, damaged or stressed. 

    You can find Alp Rose across a number of products, but a customer favorite has always been our Cell Renewing Microfoliant.


    We love talking about ingredients and always stand by the fact that you should know what’s in our products just as much as we do. So, make sure to stay tuned for even more content around other star ingredients we use!

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