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  • Beauty Hacks To Look More Awake

    January 20, 2016 2 min read

    Every morning from Monday through Friday we roll out of bed, slightly more tired as the week goes on. For this we put together 8 beauty hacks that will help you look more awake so you can leave the house in flawless conditions. 1.) Repurpose your fridge In order to look more awake in the morning start storing your eye concentrate / serumin the fridge. Applying a cool product to your skin will add the benefit of de-puffing your swollen eyes. The right eye concentrate also tightens, firms and lightens up those dark circles under your eyes.       2.) Give your eyes a massage Apply the eye cream to your finger and gently pat around the eye area. This will not only work the product into your skin it will also help to reduce the puffiness.   3.) Cold water The good old trick of splashing cold water on your face. It helps to increase the blood flow to your skin and it will also give you a bit more color.   4.) Use your veggies Let’s say you just finished your eye serumand you totally forgot to restock. No problem cut up some cucumber slices, store them in the fridge and put them onto your eyes. Another home remedy for tiered, puffy eyes are green tea bags. The tea actually helps from the inside and outside. After you made a cup of green tea, simply squeeze the tea bag and store it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. When the bag is nice and cold place it on your eyes.   5) Mask In case you are not in a rush take the time and apply a firming mask. Our firming maskhelps your skin to tighten and brighten up - after just one use (no kidding).   6.) Pink concealer The pink tone will counteract any blue hues and lift the area. So think pink!   7.) Apply Mascara Curl your lashes and apply mascara. These two tips will help your eyes look bigger and more awake.   8.) Blush and lipstick Adding blush to your cheeks will instantly help your face look more awake. Finish the look with a lipstick that adds moisture and provides SPF. Adding color to your lips will draw the attention to your mouth rather than to your tired looking eyes. 

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